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Mississauga, Ontario

The CareImaging (CARE) site in Mississauga is designed to meet the requirements of both a corporate headquarters and a primary PET clinic. In both form and function, the design of the space has taken into account the needs of patients, professional staff and management.

Care was taken to ensure the maximum protection from any possible cross-contamination. The two sides of the site are physically isolated with independent environmental and drainage systems. Ventilation is balanced such that the clinic side is at a negative pressure relative to the reception and corporate side. Drains and water service have backflow protection. The clinic also houses a high-level “hot” lab designed specifically for our PET services and lead lined walls for added protection.

The lab is fully equipped with radiation safety and monitoring equipment and includes some custom built stations. The clinic and standard operating procedures have been designed to exceed Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Regulations. Electrical and mechanical specifications are the same as would be expected in any hospital or medical clinic including surgical grade anti-static floors, chemical resistant floors, sealed ceilings, High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filtering, isolation transformers etc. A number of additional safety interlocks have also been built into the clinic including temperature and humidity sensors and alarms.

All clinical services are provided according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, which are the current standard required by Health Canada for all clinical trials.

Finally, the center has been designed to provide a relaxing, friendly, warm and caring atmosphere.

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